Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction


By Jeremy

Long ago there was a Winter Wonderland with a lot of snow.  Nobody has been there in a long time. I just heard that somebody went there last week.  The person who went there last week said that there was a lot of snow. The person who went there today said that there was a blizzard and their friends had a snowball fight! Then, the next day there was no snow….. It was very quiet….. Then….. All of a sudden there was a…a…a SNOWSTORM!!! The person who is there, and their friends played and had the biggest snowball fight ever!!!


By  Rachel 

It was the 23rd of Christmas and I was rushing past stores looking for the perfect gift. The sky was turning into shades of gray but I still had one more gift to get. It was briskly becoming colder and I felt raindrops. Sounds grew louder as the rain pelted down and people rushed to their cars. But I couldn’t leave, I still had one more gift to get. The rain became icy and all became louder. I saw a snowflake fall and all was silent. It hadn’t snowed for as long as I could remember. What would happen now?

Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction Writing

Christmas Mystery

By Gabby

It’s a Christmas mystery! How will we find the presents? I put my detective coat on and search every inch of the house. No presents under the tree, not in my room, not on the stairs, they’re nowhere! While I was searching a thought popped in my head, Did Santa even come? As I come into the kitchen out of the corner of my eye something large and green with a box in its hand. Who could that be?


Ginger: The Bread-man

By Ellayna

My name is Ginger, I live in a house of cookies and candy in the woods, far from the villagers. On a peaceful winter day, a little boy came by my house, he was looking for a turkey! I can help him! I thought, but as he ran father away,  I decided to not follow. I saw him again the very next day, and he saw my house! He ran up and studied my gingerbread house. Then he grabbed the house–with me in it! As he ran, I fell against the wall and everything went black. I woke up in a good-smelling setting, it was warm, too! The little boy opened the door, I gingerly stepped onto his palm. He kept me, but as he grew older, things changed. He talked less and less, and one day, he never came back. He’ll come back one day–won’t he?

Christmas!!! Nooooo!!!

By: Ava

Hi my name is Cinnamon and I live in Gingerbread City. It is a very jolly, happy place but we have one enemy Santa Claus. I know everyone loves Santa but on Christmas Gingerbread City gets attacked by Santa! The last time Gingerbread City got attacked was in 1945. For the past 72 years we have had really good traps to keep Santa away. We have electric licorice fence and giant holes of Nesquik quick sand that leads to hot cola hot spring that is boiling hot.

But the Christmas of 2018 we got attacked by Santa. He leaped over the Nesquik and cut the electric licorice fence. But we were prepared. We replaced ourselves with chocolate chip cookies and we moved to a country named Ginger. We found all of our old friends there from the last attack. We never got attacked again.

Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction

Night at the North Pole

By Will

The elves were hard at work making various toys for the children of the world when a man walked in the door. No one recognized the man.

¨ I need help,¨ said the man. He was an explorer and got lost during the night. The elves offered the man hot chocolate.

¨ Do you want to stay for the night?¨ said the elves.

¨That would be nice.¨

The elves gave him food and hot chocolate. The explorer left in the morning and will never forget the kindness of the elves.


Christmas Day?

By Devon 

I woke up ready to go to school. I looked outside and noticed there was snow. I live in Arizona. I walked outside and looked up. There was no sun. The sky was covered in a blanket of clouds. I looked at my phone. It was December 25. I went to my mom and asked her how long I‘ve been asleep.

“Two months.” She said.

I looked at her blankly. “Why didn’t you wake me up?!” I exclaimed.

She smiled and that’s when I fell asleep again. Was this reincarnation?


Christmas Blizzard

By Asher

Cold wind. Freezing at that. I saw Santa, I think. “Hello!” I cry. This train must be where the elves make their crafts, it’s a speedy one. A Light? “Hello!” I cry again. The light climbing down, into the train. Too…ccccold. I crawl and struggle but keep going. I stand, slip and almost fall down. Chuga chuga choooo choo. Almost there. I need to give my letter to them, I’m late. Ding! I fell on the platform. Doors locked. Dang! Got to use my case I got for the letter. Hope the letter doesn’t fly away. Crack! “There!” I say a little too loud. The elves see me and say something in elvish and hide. I state that it’s fine and I needed to get my letter because I couldn’t get it to the North Pole on time. They came out but they took my letter, nodded, and threw me off the train aiming for a soft snow pile….

Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

Santa Encountered

By: Liam

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Liam had some thoughts about the so called Christmas, “Is Santa Claus real” he thought to himself late into the night, little did Liam know that later that night the answer would be revealed. It all started when Liam was a little kid, he was curious if any of it was real, Santa, the Elves, the Reindeers, and the Sleigh, “ Is it real” he thought to himself a late Christmas night. It was at that moment that he decided to stay up late into the night to really see. At nearly 1:00 A.M in the morning he heard noises in in the living ro0m, he walked down the stairs, into the living room, and what he saw he almost couldn’t comprehend.


The Christmas Miracle

by:  Gabby

         I watched as the snow blanketed the ground, comforting it with a white layer. I dreamed of riding my sleigh down rolling hills of snow, smiling as the sunlight warmed my cold face, but for me this will never be reality. I have a rare skin disease that forbids me to spend time in sunlight. Today was Christmas Eve and all I had asked for was the ability to go outside in the day-time. I had doubts, but as I walked into my living room I saw the gift I had always asked for.

      I glanced at the present, surprised and teary eyed wondering if this would work or if I was dreaming. I blinked a few times my eyelashes fluttering, now I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I walked outside for the first time with my new gift holding a sleigh. This really was a Christmas Miracle.

Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

Disaster With The Famous Santa Claus

by:  Mailie

Crash! Thump! Santa was rolling down the chimney at full speed. There was no turning back now. Beneath him was a blazing fire. Santa knew he had to do something fast. But he was too late. He fell straight into the fire. There was stunned silence. Santa sat in the fire without feeling anything. No burn. Nothing. He quickly sat up realizing it was night time. Santa yanked his huge sack of toys from the fire and magically wrapped the toys and put them under the Christmas tree. While doing that he knocked over a glass jar. The sound was so loud it woke up the whole house. Santa hid up on the top of the Christmas tree. The family awoke and came down the stairs. They looked up and saw Santa staring right at them.