Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

Disaster With The Famous Santa Claus

by:Ā  Mailie

Crash! Thump! Santa was rolling down the chimney at full speed. There was no turning back now. Beneath him was a blazing fire. Santa knew he had to do something fast. But he was too late. He fell straight into the fire. There was stunned silence. Santa sat in the fire without feeling anything. No burn. Nothing. He quickly sat up realizing it was night time. Santa yanked his huge sack of toys from the fire and magically wrapped the toys and put them under the Christmas tree. While doing that he knocked over a glass jar. The sound was so loud it woke up the whole house. Santa hid up on the top of the Christmas tree. The family awoke and came down the stairs. They looked up and saw Santa staring right at them.

13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

  1. This was a very creative story and one that I’ve never read before: Santa encountering a fire at the bottom of the chimney. The writer makes the scene dramatic and realistic, but we soon find out that it has a good ending. Santa delivers leaves gifts, despite that unexpected obstacle. Good job!

  2. That’s great Mailie, I enjoyed your story about a clumsy Santa šŸ™‚ You described the scene very well, I can really picture it in my mind. Bravo!

  3. That’s a great story. It conveys so well the sense of movement throughout. The use of onomatopoeia pulls you straight into the action.
    Seeing how cold it is here in London UK, it’s likely that Santa has to deal with a lot of fires on his tour.
    Well done !

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