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Who are we?

We are 6th graders in sunny Cave Creek, Arizona.  Blogging is new to most of the students and many are excited about having authentic audiences to interact with our writing and thinking.  Our intent is to become better writers, and we believe that sharing our efforts helps all of us improve our writing skills.  Blogging also allows us the opportunity to interact with people near and far.
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Arizona is home to many amazing natural wonders. The Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona is a breathtaking experience. Enjoy the photo taken from the bottom of the canyon and the poem which describes our prickly environment beautifully.

Our view from our classroom door is almost as entrancing as the Grand Canyon.  This is what we see as we exit the class.  What do you see outside your door?

One thought on “About Us!

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand.
    Well that is some view from your verandah Cave Creek 6th Graders! At present I cannot give you a photo from my classroom because New Zealand is in complete lockdown now, and school is a no-no. However, we can see the Southern Alps of the South Island to our west.
    It’s a bit difficult to have students involved in these tricky times, but hopefully your bloggers will keep adding things for us all to read.
    I notice that you are just out of Scottsdale – I have an aunt who lives in Prescott, and I have a couple o favourite places in Arizona: Arcosanti – which is not far from you, and Sedona. It is a beautiful state.
    If you get a chance, come along and see my class blog at https://rakau19.edublogs.org/
    Ms M STUBC

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