Guest Post: Student Bloggers





       Once upon a time there lived a snowman named Freddy. Freddy is a pretty cool guy if you ask me, anyway Freddy went for a walk with his snow dog, Bob. A group of kids walked up to him and said,“Hi.” So Freddy replied and the kids continued walking with Freddy and Bob. Eventually Freddy and the kids saw a basketball court and they challenged Freddy to a basketball game, ”Hey Freddy do you want to play a basketball game with us?” And he said yes. So the kids and Freddy played a basketball game. They had a fun time and when it was over they went back to Freddy’s igloo and watched the PSBA (Professional Snowman Basketball Association),and it just so happened to be it was the PSBA Championship was a good game and the kids loved it. Before the kids left they asked if they could meet up at the court the next day.

Bob (Freddy’s snow dog)