Spotlight on Students (STUBC Week 4)

Blogging is a choice. I state this with conviction; the choice to pursue a class blog is worthy of the time invested in the activity. Time is required since it is new to me as a teacher, and my students who are well versed in social media, but unfamiliar with organizing and maintaining a blog. Beginning with paper posts, moving into student guest posts, and finally earning their own blogs, my students are growing into curators who groom a post until it is ready for the world.
This kindling of engagement was sparked when the 6th graders performed a flash mob style of dance for Halloween.

Bringing the Halloween vibe to everyone!

Spotlight Links

The students are invested in building experiences through a variety of events and medias. I am proud of everyone’s participation in our inaugural year of blogging. Please take a moment and check out some of our work.
The links below take you on a journey with my students. Each has a unique voice and experiences to share with you. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do.
Gabby’s Blog

Isabella & Spring Break

Delia Writes Fables

Gabby T

Megan’s Tale

Images + Words = Connection

Photo by Mrs. D, March 2019, quote by Edward Abbey, novelist & naturalist

The image is from a trail in Fountain Hills, Arizona with vistas so wide they dwarf you. I used an app called Prisma to add a filter to the original photo, which created this painterly effect. Finally, I added a favorite quote from Edward Abbey, a novelist, naturalist, and activist that reflected the attitude of the image and the experience. By using the Paint program, I was able to resize, color, and play with font styles to get the result I wanted.

Using images you create yourself is satisfying and offers the opportunity to choose something meaningful to you, while inviting others to enjoy the slice of life you share. Your images can be drawings, collages, or from sites like Pixaby. Be daring! Craft something to send into the world!

STUBC Week 3: Images

Thanks to all who visited and commented on other student blogs last week. Listening to your discussions with each other as you read, then commented on posts was interesting. All of you showed maturity and sensitivity when commenting and I am proud and impressed by your efforts.

This week we have new opportunities to explore using images in posts. There are 5 challenges this week, which means something for everyone. Pick a challenge and create something that reflects you!

Click here for tutorials on how to use Creative Commons and other tools you can use to find images to use in your posts

The task card below has suggestions for the under 13 student’s use.

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My class recently completed a unit on Myths, Legends, and Folklore. One of the assignments was to create a creature using stylistic elements learned during our study. Gabby created a powerful modern monster using simple materials and language. She writes:

When I hear stories about people changing their image to be something they’re not it’s so sad, and I feel it is important to bring awareness to being self confident, and being yourself. When I chose to make a monster as part of our folklore project, I wanted something unique. Words are very powerful and can be used to build someone up or tear them down. This was a perfect idea for a monster, with a little glue and paper I made a powerful monster.

Gabby’s Monster 2019

Artwork created by Gabby and graciously allowed on our class blog. Photographed by Mrs. D

STUBC: Week 2

This week there are triple the number of student bloggers in the DWES 6th grade class. Please finish crafting your theme and adding an about page to your blog. Then focus on creating a post about commenting based on your visits to other student’s blogs. Think about what is meaningful to you when your posts are commented on and how you can offer specific, relevant content to others.

Let’s go spread some positive vibes and learn about others along the way.

Here is a list of posts that you can visit and comment on using those skills we value.
Student Blog Posts Link Week 1

STUBC Week 1: Avatars & Visiting

The first week of the Student Blogging Challenge was interesting. One of the tasks was to design and upload a personal avatar. The number of apps that allow you to create avatars ranges from simple cartoons, to elaborate portraits. I used an app from this Symbaloo to create a couple of avatars.
Take a look and tell me what you think. Try one of the apps out and create one of your own, then share
the avatar.

This avatar is more realistic, but sadly, I couldn’t add the purple hair (not all of my hair), so you must imagine that there is purple hair on the inner layer.

The next avatar is much less realistic, but shows one of my favorite things to do: read! What do you think?

Things Got Strange At School: In A Good Way!

The Sonoran Desert is filled with animals and plants that boggle the mind in appearance and ability. Yet, it was the weather that coaxed every one of my 6th graders away from learning and out the door recently. A welcome week of rain suddenly morphed into snow! Students ran to the windows and marveled at the white stuff falling steadily from the sky. Knowing that there would be no competing with the weather, I encouraged (led) the students to go outside and explore. My room is upstairs so the students had a great view of the snow and graupel piling up around campus.

Our preschool area covered with snow looks magical. Students scooped up handfuls and took bites of the snow, then began a snowball fight. My class was alone in the snow until another teacher opened a door and out piled more students. Incredibly, only 2 classes abandoned lessons to create joy in that unique moment. Sometimes the best learning has to be experienced.