Spotlight on Students (STUBC Week 4)

Blogging is a choice. I state this with conviction; the choice to pursue a class blog is worthy of the time invested in the activity. Time is required since it is new to me as a teacher, and my students who are well versed in social media, but unfamiliar with organizing and maintaining a blog. Beginning with paper posts, moving into student guest posts, and finally earning their own blogs, my students are growing into curators who groom a post until it is ready for the world.
This kindling of engagement was sparked when the 6th graders performed a flash mob style of dance for Halloween.

Bringing the Halloween vibe to everyone!

Spotlight Links

The students are invested in building experiences through a variety of events and medias. I am proud of everyone’s participation in our inaugural year of blogging. Please take a moment and check out some of our work.
The links below take you on a journey with my students. Each has a unique voice and experiences to share with you. I know you will enjoy them as much as I do.
Gabby’s Blog

Isabella & Spring Break

Delia Writes Fables

Gabby T

Megan’s Tale