4 thoughts on “STUBC: Week 5 Challenge

  1. Hi Mrs.D! How was your break? There is something on your Things get strange at school in a good way page. VERY IMPORTANT! Mrs.D do you know how to Skyp? I was wondering for this weeks task if you wanted to Skyp with Mr.Balak’s class (with me). Thanks. So do you fell like you are ready to met me and my class mates?

    • Hi Cole! I’m in Mrs. D’s class. I am so excited to Skype with your class in Pennsylvania. You live in Pennsylvania correct? I feel like that’s what I read on your blog.

        • Hi Cole!
          I live in A.Z. We had to take the state wide test called the Arizona Merit. Like all tests it was stressful but when we were done I’m sure all of us in our grade were so relieved.

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