December Delights

Although the year has been different, some things joyfully, remain constant.  Writing holiday stories is a tradition in my classroom and some students this year are embracing the opportunity with creativity and enthusiasm.  Take a moment to enjoy some holiday spirit 6th grade style.

I could hear them coming.  They were gathering around one by one, everyone in a different outfit.  Those stacks of snow went to the ice first.  I knew I was next.  I tried to tell the clouds to stop letting my family down, to save them the horror of getting formed into a ball, then hit into a million pieces.  They obviously didn’t listen.  I heard a thud, thud, thud, and I knew I was next.  I tried to hide!  Soon I saw, Bob went first, then Frank, and after him Baily…then me.  I was next.  They formed me into a ball, threw me, and I was HIT right in the face with a dumb stick.  I had no armor, no gear, nothing!  Then I felt it, my heart stopped as I exploded.  I heard my friends yelling and then I blacked out.

Maddy M.

? This Is a Riddle of a Story

I am locked up all day, waiting to be used.  I can hear voices, but cannot see anything.  It is pitch black and musty.  I can see a burst of light coming through when one of my fellow roommates gets grabbed.  Me, being used to getting locked up, was calm and silent like the others.  More came in and one went out.  Time had passed, although I did not know how much because there was not light, just darkness.  My home was almost empty, and then:  I was grabbed!  It was different for me, but I got used to doing what I love; getting passed around again.

What am I?  (answer at the bottom of this post)

Elle S.

Don’t Eat Me, I Am The Gingerbread Man

A woman of about 73 or so, with wrinkly and rugged hands was molding me like clay.  I felt nauseous and dizzy as she made me go in circles.  Around and around, she turned me.  I was just a little dough, so I couldn’t see yet.  Even though I was as blind as a bat, I still imagined that it was a beautiful wonderland full of love and joy that was waiting for me.  She was finally finished building, decorating, baking, and molding me into the Gingerbread Man.  I also figured out her name was Mrs. Macanermy.  I can see!  I can finally see!  But to my surprise, I was not in a wonderland; I was in what seemed to be a horror movie.  I saw sisters and brothers being eaten, one by one, bite-sized pieces bitten out of their heads.

Sadly, I knew I was next!

Syenna S.

Mr. John

It was a perfect day outside besides the snow. Mr. John was finally about to be taken out of the box he has been in for almost 12 months. The Kingles knew it was time for Mr. John to come out of the box. When they took him out and put him up is when they started to pull and move about 75 of my branches. Then they started to put ornaments on my branches. When they put the ornaments on me, it started to get heavy. I have no idea why my skin color is green, and I have spikes on my skin. I am always put around Christmas decorations and the Kingles for some reason never talk to me except for baby time he talks about his school and some ideas for Christmas presents. But when I have to be put back in my box I am very sad, but I will see them next year.



Answer to the riddle:  A coin from Ebenezer Scrooge’s purse


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