Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction Writing

Christmas Mystery

By Gabby

It’s a Christmas mystery! How will we find the presents? I put my detective coat on and search every inch of the house. No presents under the tree, not in my room, not on the stairs, they’re nowhere! While I was searching a thought popped in my head, Did Santa even come? As I come into the kitchen out of the corner of my eye something large and green with a box in its hand. Who could that be?


Ginger: The Bread-man

By Ellayna

My name is Ginger, I live in a house of cookies and candy in the woods, far from the villagers. On a peaceful winter day, a little boy came by my house, he was looking for a turkey! I can help him! I thought, but as he ran father away,  I decided to not follow. I saw him again the very next day, and he saw my house! He ran up and studied my gingerbread house. Then he grabbed the house–with me in it! As he ran, I fell against the wall and everything went black. I woke up in a good-smelling setting, it was warm, too! The little boy opened the door, I gingerly stepped onto his palm. He kept me, but as he grew older, things changed. He talked less and less, and one day, he never came back. He’ll come back one day–won’t he?

Christmas!!! Nooooo!!!

By: Ava

Hi my name is Cinnamon and I live in Gingerbread City. It is a very jolly, happy place but we have one enemy Santa Claus. I know everyone loves Santa but on Christmas Gingerbread City gets attacked by Santa! The last time Gingerbread City got attacked was in 1945. For the past 72 years we have had really good traps to keep Santa away. We have electric licorice fence and giant holes of Nesquik quick sand that leads to hot cola hot spring that is boiling hot.

But the Christmas of 2018 we got attacked by Santa. He leaped over the Nesquik and cut the electric licorice fence. But we were prepared. We replaced ourselves with chocolate chip cookies and we moved to a country named Ginger. We found all of our old friends there from the last attack. We never got attacked again.

7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction Writing

  1. I’m a 3rd grade teacher and sucker for word play, so I was drawn to the “Ginger: The Bread-Man” tale. There were so many things that I liked about this little story. I liked that the perspective was from the cookie’s point of view. I liked that the tale was twisted from the traditional story to a new, creative tale. It was interesting to read about the smells, feelings, and action. I liked that the boy who took the bread-man befriended him. One of my favorite things was the use of the word “gingerly”. But, finally, my very favorite element was the end. I enjoyed the tale, but the end totally hooked me. I read this text this morning, wrote a comment for it, but my writing vanished the moment I clicked post. There was an issue with the robot credibility business. Throughout the day, I kept thinking about the ending of this little story. What if there really was a cookie that had made a friend of a 6th grader. The author of this story has so much ahead! Good luck in all of your endeavors!

    • Thank you for the comment! Wordplay is one of our favorite activities and the author shows how much fun she was having while writing this story.

  2. Excellent work bloggers! These stories are creative and fun. These adventures have taken me to new places to meet new exciting characters. I can only begin to imagine what else could be out there…I can’t wait for more adventures!

  3. 想像力豊かなお話で、とっても楽しませて頂きました。サンタクロースを悪者にして クッキーから見た視点が面白かったです。

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