Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

Santa Encountered

By: Liam

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Liam had some thoughts about the so called Christmas, “Is Santa Claus real” he thought to himself late into the night, little did Liam know that later that night the answer would be revealed. It all started when Liam was a little kid, he was curious if any of it was real, Santa, the Elves, the Reindeers, and the Sleigh, “ Is it real” he thought to himself a late Christmas night. It was at that moment that he decided to stay up late into the night to really see. At nearly 1:00 A.M in the morning he heard noises in in the living ro0m, he walked down the stairs, into the living room, and what he saw he almost couldn’t comprehend.


The Christmas Miracle

by:  Gabby

         I watched as the snow blanketed the ground, comforting it with a white layer. I dreamed of riding my sleigh down rolling hills of snow, smiling as the sunlight warmed my cold face, but for me this will never be reality. I have a rare skin disease that forbids me to spend time in sunlight. Today was Christmas Eve and all I had asked for was the ability to go outside in the day-time. I had doubts, but as I walked into my living room I saw the gift I had always asked for.

      I glanced at the present, surprised and teary eyed wondering if this would work or if I was dreaming. I blinked a few times my eyelashes fluttering, now I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I walked outside for the first time with my new gift holding a sleigh. This really was a Christmas Miracle.

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Student’s Winter Microfiction

  1. I enjoyed your story and your detailed descriptions of this person’s trial and triumph at Christmas time. Great job!

  2. Wow, you really showed me exactly what was happening in the story with your excellent adjectives. I loved your writing style!

  3. This was a delightful story to follow about a child’s Christmas, dream gift come true! I loved how the writer revealed his or her life challenge of having to stay out of the sunlight, but then the gift of being able to ride the sleigh outside on Christmas came true…Christmas is magical!

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