Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction

Night at the North Pole

By Will

The elves were hard at work making various toys for the children of the world when a man walked in the door. No one recognized the man.

¨ I need help,¨ said the man. He was an explorer and got lost during the night. The elves offered the man hot chocolate.

¨ Do you want to stay for the night?¨ said the elves.

¨That would be nice.¨

The elves gave him food and hot chocolate. The explorer left in the morning and will never forget the kindness of the elves.


Christmas Day?

By Devon 

I woke up ready to go to school. I looked outside and noticed there was snow. I live in Arizona. I walked outside and looked up. There was no sun. The sky was covered in a blanket of clouds. I looked at my phone. It was December 25. I went to my mom and asked her how long I‘ve been asleep.

“Two months.” She said.

I looked at her blankly. “Why didn’t you wake me up?!” I exclaimed.

She smiled and that’s when I fell asleep again. Was this reincarnation?


Christmas Blizzard

By Asher

Cold wind. Freezing at that. I saw Santa, I think. “Hello!” I cry. This train must be where the elves make their crafts, it’s a speedy one. A Light? “Hello!” I cry again. The light climbing down, into the train. Too…ccccold. I crawl and struggle but keep going. I stand, slip and almost fall down. Chuga chuga choooo choo. Almost there. I need to give my letter to them, I’m late. Ding! I fell on the platform. Doors locked. Dang! Got to use my case I got for the letter. Hope the letter doesn’t fly away. Crack! “There!” I say a little too loud. The elves see me and say something in elvish and hide. I state that it’s fine and I needed to get my letter because I couldn’t get it to the North Pole on time. They came out but they took my letter, nodded, and threw me off the train aiming for a soft snow pile….

One thought on “Guest Post: Student Winter Microfiction

  1. I like the microfiction piece entitled “Christmas Day?”. It leaves the reader wondering if it is real or a dream, and has me wondering what might come next. It is a good set up for developing a deeper story.

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