Our Whirling Wintry Day

When does the lesson have to change?

When it snows in Cave Creek!

The Snow

     Some people may ask, ¨What is so exciting?¨ but for us Arizona kids, snow is a miracle. Today at school it snowed for the first time in a long time. The last time we had an encounter close to snow was two years ago when we had slushy hail that we got to play in, it made it into the yearbook and was so fun. The snow today was real snow, white, fluffy, and beautiful. The snow wasn’t on the forecast so it was a bit of a surprise, but our amazing teacher let us go out and play in it. We got to have a snowball fight, make a snowman, get wet, and have the time of our lives. Snow in Arizona is so special and rare and you would only understand the feeling if you live here. I am so happy and excited to see what the future winter weather will bring and how much fun my friends will have, so I would just like to say, Thank You Mother Nature!

-Maddy M.

Mini Snowman

Oh Snow

A haiku by Eoin S 

Oh snow, I like snow

Snow, you are fun to play in

Oh snow, we love snow

Mrs. Snow

     By Stella M

        Oh why so cold 



The snowflake on my nose

By Stella M

The snowflake was like no other

White and soft

It danced in the air

It landed on my nose 

All the kids were playing

Rain and snow outside

The snowflake was like no other

                                                               Snow day in AZ

Today at Desert willow elementary school I guess you could say “It was a time of rain and snow”(Skibu INazi). Today started out as a sad cloudy day and by the third block it was pouring. Then came the fourth block, something so magical to see in Maricopa County Arizona happened, SNOW.

Was it snow or hail we will never know.

by:  Sydney and Maya

Snow in Arizona?

Today in school it snowed! Now you might think, “Gee mister, doesn’t it snow everywhere?”. To answer your question, no it does not, but today it was different. I was in school working, then all of a sudden it started snowing. Here’s the thing, I live in Cave Creek, Arizona so it does not snow at all. Here are some comments from other students.

“I was thinking it was so cold outside but I was not expecting snow.” Gaven Edwards grade 6. “I think it was really cool that it snowed because I had never seen it snow before.” Layth Yaziji grade 6. Finally “I wanted to run and scream.” Mrs. Doran teacher, sixth grade.

Oliver S

Today was one of the best days ever! Cave Creek Arizona is a very dry and hot place, we barely have any seasons here. But…… today we got SNOW!!! The snow started as just rain, then hail, Than before we knew it, it was snow, (and by we I mean my classmates and I). In conclusion snow is so much fun to play in, and I had a lot of fun and hope that I get that experience again!                      by Gabby M

4 thoughts on “Our Whirling Wintry Day

    • Hi Mrs. Hatcher,
      Thanks for commenting on the student’s blog post. Admittedly, we were all screaming with excitement at such an incredible experience. I hope things are going well for you too.

  1. Mrs. D.,

    Thanks for publishing their experience with our little snowstorm! It’s so nice to see how much they enjoyed it and can put it into words!

    Ms. Trish

  2. The posts I’ve read clearly capture the excitement and amazement felt by not only all of you, but most of the students/kids who were also able to experience the rareness of snow in the desert! However, I secretly wish for no more snow in Cave Creek 😉
    Mrs. Legro

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