Week 1 Done! How are YOU?

The days are still 40 tiny plastic baby figures of funny/odd too, but I have encountered so many high points.  Yesterday, I reached out to my students and heard back from many families about how they are spending time together during this mandatory break from, well, everything.  Many are gardening, playing games, some are on a schedule and doing school, others are getting outside to hike and bike.

My family spent half the day shoveling a ton of rock around our front yard.

jeonsango / Pixabay

The physical labor was not fun, but the results:  improved yard appearance and sense of accomplishment are good for us.

I am seeing “Chalk the Walk”; encouraging people to leave positive messages with sidewalk chalk around your neighborhood.   The idea of sharing our experience through words makes me happy.  What is your family doing to stay in touch with the community?



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