What is the story?

Image used with permission from Trish Doran

Each sliver of the photo represents something I noticed during a walk through the desert today.  Choose a sliver and create a story for the image.  What do you imagine is happening in each part of the photo?

Add your 100-word story in the comments.  I look forward to reading your imaginative tales!

3 thoughts on “What is the story?

  1. Hi,
    Your life in the desert is very different from mine. I would find it very exciting to go for a walk in the desert and see the things that you saw. I like the painted rock with the word ‘smile’ on it. I think we can never have too many smiles.
    I’m curious about what the blue object is. It is very shimmering. Is it a ball of some sort? I don’t think I’d like to play ball near those big cacti.
    Enjoy the Student Blogging Challenge.
    Best wishes,
    Norah, a StuBC commenter.

    • Hi Norah,
      The desert is an incredible place to live, but does require some acclimation. I agree about never having too many smiles. Painted rocks are turning up in wilderness areas as well as neighborhoods during this pandemic. It is a nice way to find a connection to another person’s story, I think. The blue, shimmering orb is another painted rock. What do you love about your environment?
      Thanks for the visit!

  2. Hi again,
    I live in Brisbane, Australia – a very beautiful part of the world. The weather is pleasant most of the year. It just gets a little hotter than I like in summer. I have a beautiful backyard that birds, butterflies and lizards like to visit. I enjoy looking at nature and my backyard is the only place I get to appreciate it at the moment. I am very fortunate to be able to do so.
    Best wishes,

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