Life & Times During Social Distancing and No School

The recent closures of schools, businesses, and the expectations of social distancing are everywhere right now.  To many, this leads to questions of what do I do now?  Today, I chose to notice what is around me and to write a little about my musings every day.  A sort of “My Days During the Covid 19 Virus” journal. You can write in the style of Lauren Tarshis the author of the I Survived series.

What did you notice today?

The sunset photo isn’t something new, as my kids often say, “there she is taking another picture of the sunset”.  Yet, sitting outside surrounded by the glorious light and color of the sky, I felt my brain slow down from the anxiety about what is next.  With my dog sitting quietly next to me, it was just the thing I needed to clear my thoughts and relax.

How are you finding moments to notice and experience today?

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