No School: Covid 19

Governor Ducey closed all Arizona schools today.

eflon/Flickr/CC by 2.0

News programs, newspapers, and social media are filled with information about the Covid 19 virus and how the American government is moving to manage the spread of the virus.  Closing the schools is one component used to manage the outbreak.

As I watch the news and read articles, it struck me that there are many new words and phrases being tossed into conversations without context for the average citizen.  Many of my students are reaching out with questions about what’s next and I believe they need to understand the terminology in order to grasp the challenge our community faces.  Please add your thoughts in the comments.  How is your community handling the Covid 19 virus?








The school closure is not a new opportunity for social gatherings, but a true call to action in order to protect our community.  Let’s pull together and make a difference!


2 thoughts on “No School: Covid 19

  1. When it gets warmer wouldn’t the virus its self not be able to live? Take the flu, for example, it really thrives in the winter since it’s cold. Do you think that’s what’s going to happen with the covid-19 virus?

    • Some articles are discussing the effect of warm weather on the Covid 19 virus, but I don’t think any clear facts have been given. My hopes are that we learn more quickly and our efforts to socially distance combat the spread. You are clearly doing your research! Kudos to you!

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