3 thoughts on “Spanish Immersion News

  1. Some of those are quite interesting to read! Though, I don’t know quite what they’re saying. I do know the main topic of the sentence and then can infer what it is saying. I thought 7th-grade Spanish class wasn’t paying off, it really did though!

    • Hi Lily!
      You should share this with your Spanish teacher and tell him how much the class this year has helped you understand the language. You consistently amaze me with your interest and engagement. Yay you for using academic vocabulary to describe your experience. Proud of you I am, as Yoda would say.
      Mrs. D

      • I’m sure my Spanish teacher would love to read these! She really likes to make fun projects for us to do and just recently we did a project about food. We had to make a poster, write facts and then present it in front of the class. She would be proud to see that I actually learned some things.

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