Spring 2020 Blogging Challenge

Join the new Student Blogging Challenge today!  Tasks for Week 1 of the Spring 2020 challenge are explained on the Student Blogging Page of this blog.  One of the tasks is to create an avatar of yourself, then write a blog post to share a little information about yourself using an avatar.  Remember, not to share personal information!

This Symbaloo link provides a terrific variety of choices for creating an avatar.  Some of the options are not functioning, but there are many others to explore.  Add your creation and a personal introduction to a blog post so others can meet you.

After experimenting with several different options, these are the avatars I created.  How did you like the experience of creating an online avatar to represent you on your blog?

The full schedule of weekly blogging challenges is listed in the chart below.  Let’s make some new connections with other students around the world during the next 10 weeks of blog challenges.  Leave a comment in the box below letting me know you are up to the task.  Happy Blogging!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Blogging Challenge

    • Hi Lily,
      Sadly, my stylist moved and I haven’t found anyone who could color it like she did last year. I miss my purple hair and you!

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