Finding Philly

Carpenter’s Hall: hosted the first Continental Congress in 1774

The number of museums contained inside the 51 acres that make up Independence National Park in downtown Philadelphia is remarkable.  Today, I viewed the Liberty Bell and am listening to the bells from Independence Hall right now.  Hundreds of people from all over the world visit the symbols of our nation.  Seeing the bell with its cracks touches my national pride.  It brought a shiver reading the accounts of our nation’s birth and struggle to become a world power.

Liberty Bell

While walking beside the Delaware River I came across the Locks of Hope, metal mesh mounted on a wall where people can put locks with messages to a loved one.  The Hope box is where the keys to the locks are deposited so they can be removed periodically to make way for new locks.  I even found some in Spanish, the language of our school.  See if you can find them in the photo.  What do they say?

Locks of Hope

What national symbols have you visited?  Describe how you felt seeing them in the comment section.

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