Learning by Doing

Read all the way down this post to see our mixtape!

The instructions in the image were a part of our unit on rhetoric and persuasion.  Students learned about Aristotle’s rhetorical elements:  ethos, logos, and pathos.  We analyzed advertisements in print and video.  Students led in-depth discussions and decided persuasion is an all-day interaction.  We decided even our pets use persuasive techniques to obtain petting and treats.

Clearly, the next step was for students to choose an issue, research it, then produce a public service announcement to present to the class.  Groups of students huddled in and outside the classroom to explore issues and agree on one to pursue.  There was even some rock, paper, scissor decisions about issues because the students are passionate about different issues.  Their collaboration and compromising skills were tested repeatedly during this process.

Our green screen set-up looks simple, and it is, but it allowed students to explore additional technologies while creating the public service announcements.  Finally, students were responsible for grading one another’s videos as part of the final.  Being responsible for someone else’s grades can be nerve-wracking, but the students asked good questions and discussed the merits of each video.  Each group filled out a rubric for every video graded.  Watching them grow into critical evaluators has been fascinating!

Here is our 2021 Public Service Announcement Mixtape!  Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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