Green Screen Projects

Students recently mastered using a green screen video making program here at school.  The final product, a video combining the eruption of Mount Vesuvius with a modern twist are fun to watch.  Using technology offers unique opportunities for students to combine academics and personal fun.

Enjoy our video productions!  What technology have you incorporated into a school project that combines fun and learning?


2 thoughts on “Green Screen Projects

  1. Dear Mrs.Doran,
    This is so cool. Today at school, me and my classmates did a virtual gallery walk to look at each other’s constellation project. I just think it’s so cool what we can do with technology these days.
    Lots of Love,

    • Hi Megan,
      A virtual gallery walk sounds amazing and the topic of constellations makes it even cooler. It sounds like you are enjoying the opportunities in middle school. I agree that technology can help create incredible experiences for all of us. Miss seeing you gorgeous smile this year!
      Huge hugs,
      Mrs. D

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