Life Skills: Table Top Football

Oh the horror!

I discovered that my 6th graders had never heard of the game, nor did they know how to make a paper football. My mission became clear! A day of making footballs and challenging the students to master the skills needed to win.

We spent time one half day making the footballs and reviewing how to kick the football through the goalposts (your fingers). By the way, DO NOT hold the goal post in front of your face! Unless you like getting hit by the football.

Check the link below for directions on making your own paper football and then watch some of my students during the giant table top football challenge. Wikihow includes written instructions and a video to help you through each step.

Make a Paper Football video

Now, on to the real game of football!

Table Top Football

The video attached to the above link shows how much fun learning to play table top football can be!

Do you play?

One thought on “Life Skills: Table Top Football

  1. Thanks for showing me how to make paper footballs!I will try a game of Tabletop Football with Sheila.Hopefully I win!

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