Feeling “Comfy”

Everyone enjoys being comfy, but on Thursday, 12/19/19 our school learned that being Comfy is a proper noun thanks to The Comfy company.  Owners, Brian & Michael Speciale brought their story of “Why not you?” to the students in a one-of-a-kind presentation.  It was a family affair since Brian and Michael’s parents and kids were there to model and help out during the event.

The Comfy Event at DWES

This story encompasses all the elements of the fantastic:  a good idea sparked by a child, a tv show (Shark Tank), and making a deal on live TV.  The “why not you?” quote is from Brian & Michael’s mother who asked DWES students the same question.

Endings are sometimes bittersweet, but not this time.  The Comfy owners gave every single student a Comfy!  Yes!  Gave ALL STUDENTS A COMFY!  It was inspiring to witness the energy and joy.  This is a success story based on family and giving back to the community.  Let’s support them by spreading the word.

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