“The Git Up” Event

Halloween means dancing 6th graders at our school.

This is the second annual “flashmob” event and it was filled with sharks, a T-Rex, a jellyfish, an extraterrestrial, and dozens more inventively costumed students dancing to Blanco Brown & Lainey Wilson’s song “The Git Up”.

We hope you enjoy our video (click on the blue word:  flashmob above).

Can you spot Waldo in the video?

What zany events does your school host?  Tell us about them in the comments section!


7 thoughts on ““The Git Up” Event

  1. Hi Mrs. D!
    Our school doesn’t really do anything zany but they do let us wear our costumes which is pretty cool. It seems that the 6th grade class of this year smaller than last year, is that true? Anyways I hope you have an amazing week!

    • Howdy Lily,
      I am glad that the middle schoolers were allowed to wear costumes this year. Our class this year did a great job with the flashmob, but yes, the numbers are less this year than last year. Did you enjoy Halloween?
      Mrs. D

      • Ben!
        Hey there! Great to see you on the blog this week. Things are really good here at the Willow, but hearing from you makes the week brighter. I have heard that middle school is a challenge but I know you master everything you set your mind to and this will be no different. The new student cohort isn’t better than you, just different. I hope things are swell! Check in on us again, okay?
        Mrs. D

  2. Hello Mrs.Doran!
    This is Ava Martinez from Sonoran Trails.I saw the blog about the halloween flash mob, it looked amazing!Just wanted to see how you are doing?I bet your sixth graders are having so much fun in your class!!
    -Ava M:)

    • Hi Ava,
      I was so thrilled to see your comment on the blog! The Halloween flashmob was fun, just as it was last year. It is always exciting to begin new traditions with a grade. How are you? Your teachers must be loving seeing you daily and all those gorgeously detailed assignments you create. Miss you loads and sending you warm hugs.
      Mrs. D

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