Junior Chefs: Spanish Language and Cooking

What’s Cooking?

Our Spanish Immersion students are cooking this year!  Really, they are researching Spanish foods and selecting a recipe to create at home.  The incredible videos they create are then shared with us at school.  The students not only cook, but they narrate the entire process in Spanish!  Watch the yummy video below and leave a comment about your own cooking experiences in the comments section.  We are proud of our junior chefs and love the delicious food shared every week.

3 thoughts on “Junior Chefs: Spanish Language and Cooking

  1. Very nice explanation of the ingredients and process…next time, try saying the amounts of each ingredient item, which will help followers prepare to make the same as you. I’m impressed you worked with hot oil so carefully – tongs are wonderful helpers to have on hand with your spatula!
    Those look so scrumptious! Awesome job, Jr. Chef!

  2. WOW! Junior chefs you are doing a great job. How long have you been learning Spanish? Speaking a second language then videoing it for the public to look at is fantastic. Well done!

    I am adding this post to the Flipboard magazine for the blogging challenge.

    • Hi Miss W,
      My students are thrilled to be in the Flipboard magazine and we thank you for the nod. I will let them respond with information about our Immersion program.
      Best Wishes,
      Mrs. D

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