I Love Back to School Shopping! Do You?

Do you love to go back to school shopping?

I love the excitement of seeing new notebooks, pencils, and markers.  The possibilities in a sharp new crayon are limitless.  My favorite is the 64 count Crayola box with the built-in sharpener.  Just the smell when I flip the box open makes me giddy.

.  What are your favorites?



8 thoughts on “I Love Back to School Shopping! Do You?

  1. Hello Mrs. Doran
    It’s Megan! I think my favorite part of back to school shopping is thinking about what my teachers might be planning with all the stuff. Tell the 6th graders that reading and writing are fun.
    See you soon!

    • Hi Megan!
      Your teachers probably have many amazing activities planned for you this year. I’ll pass along the message about reading and writing. Keep us updated on how your school year unfolds.
      Mrs. D

  2. Hi Mrs. D!
    It’s Lily here! I have that same cactus notebook! I’m using it for science class. I love the colors and the cactus they just make me so happy. I fell in love with it when I saw it so I knew I had to get it. 7th grade is fun so far so tell the 6th graders 7th grade is something to look forward to not worring about. Tell the other teachers I say hi!
    Lily H.

  3. Hi mrs D!
    Its Ella Bright.
    hope your week has been going fantastic!
    i think school shopping is ok.When you think about back to school you always get the felling that summer is about to end and your about to start a new chapter of your life.anyways have a fantastic week!

    • Hi Ella,
      As always, I love seeing your name and comments pop up on the blog. The end of summer feeling is tough, but the excitement of fall and sports and new opportunities is special too. I hope middle school knows how lucky they are to have you there!
      Warm Hugs,
      Mrs. D

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