Guest Bloggers: Student’s Winter Microfiction


 The Historical Ornament!

By:  Annabelle 

                     When she was 4, Frankie remembered bringing home ornaments from kindergarten and hanging them on the tree. They were made out of a wooden star glued together from wooden sticks. All week she watched it hang from the tree in front of the window glistening with glitter.

As Frankie got older, she would still sit and watch the star sway on the tree. She had the finest tree she could think of and it was the same every year. The lights go first then the beads , never tinsel or plastic. The gleaming gold bell and then the glass star.

When Frankie was thirty-three her mother passed away, but she keep the tradition going and never changed the tree. She would hold her breath whenever she would go and grab the decorations out of the wardrobe. She has been living in her mom’s house until she decided it was time to move out , and she and her husband grabbed all the boxes and headed off.

Frankie set up her tree on the 4th of December and began decorating. She had to put up her wooden star. Her husband laughed at the star but then Frankie told him why it was so important and they both sat by the fire and made her mom’s famous hot cocoa. ¨Merry Christmas!¨ exclaimed Frankie to her husband.

Magic Mints

By Cade

 When Jack woke up, he sprinted for the Christmas tree, excited to see what his present from Santa was. When he opened his present, he found a package of Tic Tacs. Confused, he asked his mom if she knew anyone who had gotten MINTS for Christmas. She answered no honestly, and he decided that Santa wasn’t real. Who gives kids mints for Christmas? But, he didn’t know what was inside them.

    He popped one in his mouth, and went to his room to play Fortnite. But, he started to feel weird and had a hard time concentrating. He closed his eyes for a minute, and when he opened them he felt peculiar. Like he was holding the world up with his hand. Controlling it, telling it what to do.

    Suddenly, the lights went out in his room, and without having to even think, he blinked and the bulbs turned back on. Jack realized he left the Tic Tacs on the counter, so he went back to get them.

10 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: Student’s Winter Microfiction

  1. I guess that I will have to buy Cade more magic mints! Hoepfully they are anti-Fornite mints. Good story Cade. (denise – cade’s mom)

    • I loved the story about The Historical Ornament. Your words left me feeling serene and joyful. What kind of ornaments do you have from when you were younger? Do you still hang them on your tree each year? (Christy – Will’s Mom)

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